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Single Website
10 GB SSD Space
One-click Installs
5 Websites
25 GB SSD Space
One-click Installs
Unmetered Bandwidth
Growing Team
Unlimited Websites
35 GB SSD Space
One-click Installs
Unmetered Bandwidth
Everything in previous plans
Unlimited SSD Space
Free SSL Certificate
Free Domain With Purchase
Prepare for Real Speed

Our Cloud Hosting runs on our exclusive hybrid hosting platform, bringing unparalleled performance. Running the latest and fastest PHP platforms, your demanding application can take advantage of everything we have to offer.

24/7/365 Support

Providing the absolute possible support isn't easy, but we think it's a worthwhile endeavor. Our services aren't the cheapest, though they are all affordable; We believe that performance shouldn't be reserved for those with an IT degree. We maintain a relatively small support staff, of only experts. We don't outsource our support, and they're available year round.

One of the reasons we're able to thrive and do what we do, is because our customers tend to stick around for a long time. This is something we attribute to the fact that we don't cut any corners. Our support staff will make sure you're completely satisfied every step of the way. Most support tickets are handled in minutes, not hours or days.

Some of our competitors staff mainly low-level support technicians, who are hesitant to put you in touch with one of the few high-level technicians. Simply put, this is because experts charge more than low-level technicians, a cost we gladly pay. The result of staffing mainly low-level techinicians is your time being wasted, almost always. Hosting is a technical field, and demands technical expertise.

cPanel Control Panel

The industry standard control panel; cPanel. Ease-of-use is what it's all about. Whether you're a seasoned veteran, or new to web hosting, cPanel allows for total management of your hosting without any hastle. Manage your files, databases, domain names, and more, effortlessly.

Rather than try to cut licensing costs by developing our own control panel, we take full advantage of the already popular and hugely useful cPanel software suite. In addition to the standard functionality provided, we've developed many additional features like our DIY website builder at no additional cost to you.

Manage your team in cPanel. Give everyone an email (, give them access to only the files they need to access, and maintain total control over your properties.

Automatic Daily Backups

All of our plans come with daily backups. We store the last 30 days, typically, which we can use for disaster recovery purposes. Though our system is extremely stable and will never cause you any problems, sometimes you're editing some files and break something. These things happen, and when they do, you'll want a backup available; We've got you covered.

If you do break something, simply open a ticket and we'll respond shortly with a solution. For security reasons we must admister this feature ourselves, as to avoid abuse of it. So should you get into trouble and need a backup, simply ask and you shall recieve. We'll restore your files, databases, to whatever date (in the past 30 days) that you specify.

Super Fast SSD Drives

Having the right hardware is essential to a proper server. Our SSD RAID arras maintain mirrored copies of your data, ensuring that should a hard drive fail, you won't pay the price. Your website will never go down because of our server, as our servers never go down. Our systems have been built from the ground up with uptime as a priority. You'll never notice when we swap out drives, or make server upgrades, because your site will never go down.

Speed isn't the whole story, really. It's just not enough to have top-of-the-line equipment nowadays. When a hard drive is under a lot of stress, over time it leaks efficiency. Eventually it'll be 1/20th of the speed that it originally was. That's why we perform in-house auditing of all of our SSD drives, to ensure that when they start to become less efficient, we can replace them with a brand new one.


What is web hosting?

For others to see your website, it needs to be stored–or 'hosted'–on a publicly accessible computer (server).

Will my site go down if I migrate here?

Nope! Our staff will make sure your website is functional before going "live" so there'll be no downtime in the transition.

What operating system do you run?

We currently run CentOS 7 (Linux) with cPanel installed on our Cloud-hosting platform.

Can I host multiple websites on my plan?

This depends on the plan you've selected. All plans except the 'Personal' plan allow for multiple websites to be hosted.

Can I host a WordPress website?

Absolutely! We offer 1-click installs of 125+ applications, wordpress included. Set up a wordpress website in 60 seconds!

Can I upgrade or downgrade between other plans?

Yep, and we'll handle the migration/upgrading process to make sure everything goes smoothly.